About Us

LTC Technologies was founded by Isaac Jungreis in order to fill a significant need that the healthcare community has been facing with their technology.

Some of the many issues include:

  • Having multiple vendors providing overlapping accounts
  • Being billed for services that are not in use
  • Not knowing who to call in case of an outage
  • Quality issues with lack of support
  • Having an unmanaged infrastructure
  • Dealing with costly repairs on aged equipment

We have helped businesses in 33 states by working with the relevant carriers and providers to consolidate services, while eliminating lines & circuits that are no longer in use. We replace outdated or overpriced plans with the most sophisticated and current technologies available. Our account managers also assist in the canceling and the cleanup of replaced accounts. Most importantly, we maintain a staff of skilled technicians who can help troubleshoot issues and work with the providers - both during and after business hours. We utilize our personal connections with the carriers to gets issues escalated and to expedite repairs in an efficient manner.

Quick Contact

Call us today at 888-9-LTCTEC (888-958-2832), or enter your information below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.